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Pick from the list below to take another step toward your best self!

If you want to get fit, but have never done fitness before, or are returning after a long time away from exercise, then build/rebuild your fitness foundation here!

I designed the four-week program to scale to the level of fitness you are currently at, focusing on time-based HIIT rounds. Four carefully made workouts per week will progress you to a strong foundation from which to continue improving your fitness. You will have access to the Conquest HUB app to be able to view the correct technique for each exercise. So you can make sure you perform each exercise correctly and safely.

Equipment: Dumbbell Pair (Week 2) and Pull-up bar/tree branch etc. (Week 4)

Founding Client Offer: $9.99

Have a certain way that you want to train? Want to train specifically at home or in the park? If you don't have time for the 1:1 coaching, but still want to become your best then this is the program for you. A high quality customised training program tailored to your goals.

This program comes in 4-week (8 workouts), 6-week (12 workouts) or 12 week (24 workouts) options so you can choose just how long you want this training to run for. You will have four workouts in a week and after two weeks the workout changes i.e the four week program has 2 x 4 workout phases. Creation time: 4-5 Business Days


When you are taken to the PayPal purchase page enter the following:

- Your goal

- Exercises you like

- Equipment you have access to

- Any extra notes.

Founding Client Offers: 

- 4-Week Program: $19.99

- 6-Week Program: $29.99

- 12-Week Program: $49.99

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