Below are the current options available from conquest health and fitness! 
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Have a certain way that you want to train? Want to train specifically at home or in the park? If you don't have time for the 1:1 coaching, but still want to become your best then this is the pathway for you. A high quality customised training program tailored to your goals.

This program comes in 4-week, 6-week or 12 week options so you can choose just how long you want this training to run for. You will have up to six workouts in a week (Depending on your goal). Creation time: 4-5 Business Days. 

How to order: 

In the additional info section on the enquiry form include:

- Your goal

- Exercises you like

- Equipment you have access to

- Any extra notes.

After this I will be in touch and we will have your program under way!


- 4-Week Program: $79.99

- 6-Week Program: $119.99

- 12-Week Program: $199.99