• Matthew Langford

How to Become Healthier and Happier

Okay, so this seems like a broad concept and one people write about sooo many times that you are probably already thinking you know what will come next. Well read on and let's see if I can prove that thought wrong. That's right; there are some new ideas on the subject coming your way.

Now, this topic is one that can people approach from a variety of angles. People who solely focus on health through the eyes of fitness will tell you training and working out more frequently is the way. If you were to listen to a religious group, then they will preach that performing certain practices will bring you a better life, after all, don't we want to become healthier and happier so we can live a better life? Once again listening to someone from the mental health profession or a life coach might educate you on the concept of becoming happier and healthier through your own belief that you are satisfied. My point of all this is that depending on who you ask you are likely to get a different answer, none of which a wrong I might add. It all depends on what constitutes being happier and healthier for you. While all of the above-listed ideas are correct to a degree, doing them all would leave you without any free time at all and most likely is a catch 22 as you would quickly feel suffocated in your daily routine to pursue health and happiness. So what then is one to do?

Well believe it or not given the title of this post I cannot give you a straight answer. I can only show you the door in which your path lies behind, what that path looks like I cannot say. As a coach, I am a guide with my method and means, and in a recent self-reflection, I came to the realisation that inspired this post. You see when discussing with some others and talking about the way I live my life I came to find that many thought it was incredible how I manage to find time to do all that I do (Humblebrag kind of...). To many, my life would be suffocating, and to others, it might seem easy. Again, other peoples lives would seem too much for me to handle as well; it's not my life, anyway, back to the revelation.

Well, I explained to them that it was not something I had always done nor was it something that I had adopted overnight, you see I cultivated these habits like one would a plant from a seed. I would nourish those aspects of my life that I found worked well and pruned those that didn't. I maintained an awareness about my life with the intent of improving it. This is what it comes down to and what will ultimately lead to that happier life. You see, it is a combination of the above-listed methods of attaining a happier and healthy life, that will lead to your personal growth. Just as different tree species require different combinations of care, so too do you. We are impeccable at listening to others to model our success after, but rather than pick and choose what works for us from other lives, we often try to emulate the whole thing.

I encourage you to take accountability for your own life by adopting this kind of awareness. The type of awareness where you actively look at yourself and ask "is what I am currently doing working for me? or could I do something else that would work better?". Ensure you snap yourself out of autopilot if you don't like where things are going because at the end of the day giving control over to others, and the environment will only keep you heading for same space or worse; it is up to you to change course for the better.

So whilst here I haven't given you much to try at home, I hope I have provided a new perspective from which to look at the way things are in your life and that by achieving this awareness you will find your way to the happier and healthier life you seek. Remember that it takes a month, give or take a few days either side of 30 for a habit to stick very well. What these 30 days mean is that when trying something new that you would like to keep doing, make it a priority to keep at it for 30 days to be able to incorporate it into your life successfully. There are near-infinite resources out there for different things you can try, so instead, I will leave you with some questions you can ask yourself to check your course and adjust.

Conquerors questions for maintaining self-development:

· What am I doing right this moment in my life that I am happy with?

· What can I do to improve upon these things

· What am I doing right this moment in my life that is making me a healthy person?

· What can I do to improve these practices?

· What new methods for becoming happier and healthier would I like to test out?

· How will these make me happier or healthier in MY life?

May the path to conquer your world be a joyous one!

Until next time,


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