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3 Things You Should Know To Help Get Back On The Wagon

Coming up to the holidays and in the every day, we come up against a variety of challenges that can hold us back from our goals. When we are trying to accomplish a goal over the long term or one that persists indefinitely, we can and often do at one point or another fall off the wagon. There is absolutely no issue with falling off the wagon as long as you get back on. The problem lies when we decide to sit in the mud and promise ourselves we'll get back on tomorrow or next week or in the new year. The thing we can do is promise ourselves we will be back on at the first chance we get. Whether we cheat on our nutrition plan, skip a workout or miss a habit, what's essential is not missing the next one. Getting back up and dusting yourself off is what today's post is about. 3 suggestions to help get you back on track the next chance you get, let's go.

Firstly let's dive into how to reframe actually falling off the wagon. When we fail at a habit, it is not permanent, it only lasts as long as you would like to let it. A failure is simply an opportunity, an opportunity to learn, grow and become better than you were before. It is ultimately an opportunity at success. When you miss a workout or skip a healthy meal in favour of a cheat meal, you have failed at your task...for now. The sooner you can realise this, the sooner you get back to succeeding with each workout you do complete or each healthy meal you eat. Reframe your mind and see that failure is simply the point to regroup and kick even more ass.

This comes to the next point that is making a promise with yourself. If you skip once you will never skip twice. That means you understand that if there is ever a point where you fail temporarily, then that will not happen again next time. If you skip a workout, then don't miss the next one. There is no starting also on Monday, the first of the month or in the new year. The sooner you can get to the next one and complete it then the better off you will be. It simply comes down to a flaw in logic. If you mess up a weekly plan on a Wednesday, then you can still reap the benefits on Thursday-Sunday. It's only when you decide to tell yourself it doesn't matter and skip Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday too. If you have an unhealthy lunch, then have a healthy dinner. There are no accidental cheat days, only a cheat meal and then the choice of unhealthy decisions. The power in this lies within you and you only.

The final trick is to make it into a game to beat your score next time. Suppose we are to take the streak of completing a certain amount of planned workouts in a row or days of consistently eating healthy. In that case, when we mess up and break the streak, you can take it upon yourself to beat this next time. In this game of life, the only real competition is yourself. When you decide to beat your streak, then you will be in a state of constant growth, even if you fail after beating your streak each time then you will be getting better and better each time. Say you eat healthy for one day, mess up, eat healthy for two days, mess up and so on you will eventually reach months of eating healthy. The previous example is a worst-case scenario if you can enforce this rule. More than likely, you will get to a point where it will essentially just become permanent and habitual.

The three tips I have given here are what I use to get myself back on track. There will always be obstacles in our path, the part that matters is how we deal with them. Will we be crushed or will we soar to even greater heights. The choice is yours, so choose to conquer any and all challenges in your wake.

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Happy Conquering

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Weekly Workout: Core Crusher

(1-minute work + 20 seconds rest x 3 rounds)

  • Plank shoulder taps

  • Mountain climbers

  • Side Plank holds

  • Side to side toe touches

  • Dead Bugs

  • Supermans

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