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Image by Victor Freitas

Your Monthly Training Routing Made For You!

This is training for advanced gym goers who feel like all they need is some good programming to get results. It focuses on strength and muscle gain, to produce are strong and well built body!

Combining weight lifting and calisthenics together to get the best of strength and athleticism, rest assured you will get results training with this month to month option!

Lifts include deadlifts, back squats chest presses and more. Calisthenics movements involve handstands, chin-ups, levers etc.

There is an expanding library of videos explaining what to do and giving tips on the gym, nutrition and lifting techniques. Everything is run through the App which you will be linked to on signing up. You can cancel before any new month to quit.

The pre Reqs for this training is Ideally the ability to do:

- 10 strict Pushups

- 10 strict Pull Ups

- Squat 1x Bodyweight

- Deadlift 1.5x Bodyweight

Equipment required is that which is available in most standard gyms.

Start now by filling out the form below and get on your way to becoming the best you that you can be!

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