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Hybrid Coaching

How can I help you reach your goals?

My hybrid coaching approach encompasses Strength & Conditioning training alongside personalised nutrition coaching and a high level of monitoring and communication to keep you on track and towards your goals. I bring my dual bachelor in psychology and counselling along for the ride to ensure your motivation will reach it's peak.

In-person sessions will have me taking you through the toughest of your workouts. We will push limits in a safe and fun environment and go over any lifts and exercises you feel unsure about.

Using the app will allow you to track daily habits and workouts as well as allow you to complete weekly check-ins to monitor performance. You will also be able to have your form monitored via video upload so that I can check certain lifts to give feedback. I will be with you every step of the way through success and failure to see you to your goal. 

Past successes with clients involves achieving their goals such as deadlifting 2.5x their bodyweight, learning to handstand, being able to run continuously and achieving levels of strength and metabolic conditioning to compete in their sport of choice among much, much more.

What is included?

  • Weekly personalised training program to maximise results in the gym

  • Nutrition Template based on your recipes and lifestyle. Coaching on how to make nutrition work for you so that you can reach a variety of goals. No copy and paste meal plans.

  • Mobility, stretching and Recovery guidance, ensuring you are able to rest and recover outside of your time in the gym.

  • Consistent monitoring and feedback on your training to give you the most out of the workouts.

  • All of my knowledge and experience at your disposal to help catapult your success faster than everyone else! 

  • Available In-Person (At multiple Revo fitness locations around Perth), Online and FIFO so that you can take advantage of my coaching no matter the circumstance.

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