A Conquest Health and Fitness twist added to the classic coaching method. Sessions will be 45-minutes and the workouts are tailored to your goal. Training will include a variety of styles from HIIT/Cardio to Strength/Power. Whatever your goal requires. The sessions will find the sweet spot of what you enjoy and what helps you on your conquest!

Each weekly session will also include a weeks worth of programming. This is updated weekly as long as you have sessions*. The programming here can be tailored to suit your at home set up or the gym you attend. Additionally you can also book in for multiple weekly sessions at a discounted rate to have me right there with you!

If you're the type of person who likes to learn hands on, to conquer your goals and wants all the benefits of gym equipment then this is the coaching for you!!!

Gym COACHING PRICES at Shift Fitness.png

*minimum of one session per week required for the inclusion of weekly programming