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Training Pathways

There are many ways we can focus on your training. It is up to you to pick one, focusing on specific goals can help keep you motivated, choosing one of the below will allow you to not only achieve your desired weight loss and muscle building goals, but it will also help you achieve a body which can do the things you want it to!



Focusing on bodyweight movements and calisthenics, the ninja training will be geared towards develop total body control in movements such as the Chin-up, Pushup variations, Plyometrics and more. Taking on this style of training will help develop a strong and lean body awesome movement skills.


The middle ground between Ninja and Warrior. You won't become the strongest or the best at bodyweight, but you will be the most well-rounded. Focus on developing strength in challenging body weight movements, whilst also being able to move some serious weight is the forte here. This training is geared towards developing a body that can adapt to any challenge you throw at it, just like the gladiators of old. This training helps develop a well rounded and balanced physique geared towards being strong and agile.



Focusing on lifting the heaviest thing you can get your hand on, this one differs to the ninja type of training with a focus on weight training. If the ninja places focus on moving themselves through space, the warrior focuses on moving space around them. Heavy lifts like the deadlift, squat and chest press are all present here. Master your strength and get the most out of your muscle. This training develops a lean and strong body, ladies don't fret you wont become bulky!

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