Snowy Mountain Peaks


Conquest Health and Fitness exists to help you achieve your best!

My desire in creating conquest health and fitness was to provide high-quality training that is available to people like yourself in whatever environment you may be. Be it in the gym, at home or the park I want to help you achieve your goals and to become the best that you can be. I believe the journey to becoming your best begins in your mind and achieved through action. In training with me, you will be taking an active approach in improving your wellbeing, which will likely spread over into many other avenues of your life.

Why is Conquest Health and Fitness different?
It's different because I created it on the principle of building lasting change, not just quick fixes. I don't necessarily focus on the instant changes of dropping unbelievable amounts of weight by eating nothing but a handful of almonds and a fruit smoothie every day. I will be guiding you to find the techniques that work for you and your life, helping you to become the best you that you can be. Whatever the obstacle together, we can conquer it. I value mental health as much as physical health, and I believe that in balancing both, we can reach our full potential. I will guide you to find the ways in which you can lead a healthy life that you enjoy and adopt practices that are in line with who you are. It is all about you at Conquest Health and Fitness, and I have set up the training so that if anything doesn't quite work for you, then we will work together to find a way. No mountain too high and no valley too low!

About me
I may not seem it now, but my journey started where a lot of people are currently. I was okay at sports and enjoyed an occasional gym session. Still, I spent that time replicating workouts that I didn't enjoy and were not what I needed. This lead to a strange on and off relationship with health and fitness where I would get bored and switch to the new fad that was going around at the time, getting by with nothing but broscience. After injuring myself a few times and getting nowhere, I decided to try and do things properly, so I studied fitness and got qualified as a trainer. I went and studied the Precision Nutrition level 1 course, alongside my concurrent study of psychology and counselling*. The fruits of this journey completely changed my outlook on things as I realised that there is no one size fits all approach to anything; everything can be tweaked, altered and revamped to suit better. Fast forward some years, and now I bring you Conquest Health and Fitness, an online coaching platform where I can reach and tailor the training and experience to suit you as the extraordinary individual that you are!

Here's to many successful conquests together!

*My psychology and counselling studies are still ongoing, so whatever I say or do, I am not a qualified mental health professional and cannot give mental health support.