Snowy Mountain Peaks


What will you conquer first?


Conquest Health and Fitness was founded by me around three concepts.


The first is the idea of always striving to be a little bit better each day. Now it doesn't have to be much it could be swapping out a regular fast food burger for a homemade sandwich or doing a sit-up or two extra in your final set. I have based Conquest Health and Fitness on the japanese concept of Kaizen which means improvement. After all that's why you're here isn't it? To improve that little bit more!


I have found my own path through improving bit by bit, adding habit after habit over the years that helped me become a little better. This leads to the second concept which is time. Now time is a very broad concept however it is also a tool. With conquest health and fitness it is about finding a way for you to use that tool. We start with finding time for a five minute action each day and strengthen or create new habits to help on our conquest. Finding even 5 minutes of time each day can be difficult for some, so that is why it is a skill worth cultivating. After being able to find 5 minutes for one action you may learn how to find 30 minutes to do something else. Time is a key concept that you and I can conquer.


The final concept is enjoyment. This is not meant to be a painstaking hike to the top of the mountain nor is it a simple elevator. The first would have you wheezing too much to take in the sights and the other is in a box with the whole journey over in 30 seconds. Neither is enjoyable. Instead with Conquering your time and improving bit by bit, I seek to help you carve out a path that has you enjoying this journey of improvement. Together we can keep fitness fun on the quest to be our best selves!


With these three concepts at the forefront my well rounded dyad of physical fitness tranining and nutrition coaching can help you be your best! The programs are tailored to help overcome your obstacles and the nutrition coaching is designed to keep impossible to follow meal plans away and instead develop the skills to enjoy the journey and develop life long skills.

That's right no stricter than a ruler meal plans here. Just you me and some healthy coaching.

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