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A Bit About Me

Committed to growth

As a coach my priority is helping people grow to become their best self. I am a qualified trainer, precision nutrition level 1 coach and a student of psychology. I combine all of these into an approach leading to your success.

Personally, I compete in obstacle course races, enjoy the study of martial arts, and am chasing my own physical and mental peaks.

I have conquered many of my goals and now it is my turn to help you conquer yours!

Why work with me?

From beginner to advanced we will work to achieve your fitness goals. All available online or in person.

Beginner Training

I have trained across many different forms of training to reach various goals. I will make it so you can skip past many of the pitfalls myself and many others went down without a trainer.
Achieve your results in a fraction of the time.

Movement Mastery

Putting emphasis on form and function of the movements, I coach individuals to achieve their goal in the most efficient and safe manner. 

Focusing on the control of the movement and why, I combine bodyweight, free weights and machines together to give you confidence in your movements.


Want to lose weight? want to get strong? Want to see a side of you to be proud of?
Well let's work together to build that muscle!
Build the body you can be proud of all while reaching new heights of strength.

Most importantly everyone will have me right there in their corner giving unparalleled support through the whole journey!

What Clients Have to Say

Wow If you want a holistic, science focussed and humble PT Matt is your guy! He goes above and beyond to ensure your journey into fitness is seamless and enjoyable. As a shift worker I struggle with finding a gym routine that I can stick to. Matt spends his time getting to know you and your goals, and is determined to help you reach them in a way that suits your lifestyle. He diligently checks in with you and keeps you accountable. His PT sessions are next level incredible leaving you feeling motivated! Thank you Matt for all your support

Sarah Farrow

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Perth, Western Australia

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