Coaching where the gym doesn't matter

What is gym anxiety?

It's that feeling you get when you don't want to be judged while working out. When you don't want to look like you have made a silly mistake in the gym so will avoid an exercise. When you are constantly on the lookout for people who might be looking at you (even though they probably wont be).

Who am I and what makes me so special?

Well, to kick things off I am dedicated beyond compare in the pursuit of helping you train through your gym anxiety and become more confident! That is what defines my personal training approach.  With the innovation of Elon Musk and the work ethic of Dwayne Johnson, I will bring the best training possible to you in your comfort zone!

I have practised various modes of training much of which has been done at my own home or a park, I know you can get incredible results. Which is why i'm bringing my coaching to you no matter where you are and taking the gym out of the gym anxiety equation!


I am all about personal and long lasting changes. The gym isn't for everyone, but healthy living is! Everyone can fit healthy living into their life in some form and become the person they want to be when they look in the mirror. I will ensure you have the tools to conquer gym anxiety once and for all!

Together I believe we can overcome any challenge and get you to your best no matter the obstacles!

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